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fresh start

i'm finally feeling better after more than a week of lying sick in bed. I hate getting sick.i hate it more when i cannot do work because i'm sick.must learn to love multivitamins!!!


i can feel the crisis

today i was scheduled for an interview for an online publication for my summer internship.after my 9-12 class, i changed my clothes, bought a hotdog sandwich and called a cab. Here's the deal, from where i came, the destination is approximately million miles away(of course i'm exaggerating a bit). People usually take the rail transit because its way way wayyyyy cheaper and faster than taking a cab. but nooooo, i still took a cab just because i was really hungry(eating food in the rail transit is not allowed) and i seriously thought i was going to be late for my interview( i was in fact an hour early).

while i was eating my hotdog at the back seat, i peeked at the meter. i remember that the cab driver asked if it was okay for me to pay an additional 30 pesos, which i agreed to due to intense hunger; realizing that we were aboout half an hour away from my destination, and how much money i only had left, i started to freak out. Of course i tried to hide it from the driver who kept on looking at me in the rear view mirror while i counted the bills in my wallet.I kept on asking him if we were close to the destination, stupid me believed his "malapit na lang (we're close)" excuses. I told him to drop me off at the corner of a tv studio where i'm supposed to ride a jeepney to get to the office of the online publication, still looking at the meter that's now close to reaching the amount left in my wallet. The driver must have been so desperate to earn for his afternoon lunch, a better lunch than my hotdog sandwich maybe, that he insisted on dropping me off at the office of the publication.

Did i make it? Well, God must love me so much. By the time we got to the building, the amount on the meter was just 30 pesos less than the total amount left in my wallet. I bargained for a decrease, and the driver agreed with 250 pesos. Hallelujah! I still have 60 pesos left to get home!Again, God must love me so so so much because after my interview, a classmate arrived for her interview. Her dad drove her to the office and they were kind enough to give me a ride to the train station.I got home by spending only 15 pesos for the rail transit and 24 pesos for the bus.

Lesson learned? Must learn to love the rail transit.

red days

today i have my period. today, i blew up again.

my brother has always been the victim of my frantic yelling and bitching whenever i'm stressed out or i have my monthly visitor.
my mom has been constantly telling me that i need to control my anger because she has observed that i've been like this ever since she could remember.

I don't know why i LOVE doing this.it's not like i intend to do it but the feeling that i get is very overwhelming. i love the power, i love how magestic i become when i'm the boss, when think that i'm right.i think it's a symptom of insecurity of some sort.

i think i need anger management.

well, at least there's Mika Nakashima's soothing voice to calm me.


i want to break free!

i miss House's sarcasm. Chace's kangaroo accent. Wilson's superman pose.I miss Foreman's raising eyebrow.

i miss Chuck's black chucks. i miss Casey's funny spy face. i miss Sarah's pretty face.I miss Mr. Awesome. I miss Morgan being Morgan.

(though i do still have my OJT)


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